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President's Report 2001-2002

Annual General Meeting - September 29, 2002, Descendants de François Amirault 


It is almost a year ago exactly since I accepted the presidency of this association formed to organize a reunion of the Amirault family during the 3rd Congrès mondial acadien that will be celebrated in Nova Scotia in 2004. There are now less than two years before the Congrès and much to do, but I would like to first speak to you of the work done in the past year by team.



Our foundation meeting was on September 30, 2001. At this meeting we chose our directors and sold memberships. The work had begun.



One of the first things we had to do was to choose a name for our association. We chose ‘Les Descendants de François Amirault’.   With this name, we could avoid always saying Amirault, Amero, Amiro, Mireault, etc, but at the same time we could include all the branches of the family descending from François Amirault dit Tourangeau regardless of their spellings.


We registered as a non-profit society with Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks.



We then opened a bank account with Coastal Credit Union. For our postal address, we use Post Office Box 2, Lower East Pubnico, Nova Scotia, BOW 2A0.



As with any other organization, there are always many meetings necessary to get things started.

Our directors met on five occasions since September 30, 2001:

-  November 5, 2001; January 17, 2002; February 2002; April 11, 2002; July 25, 2002.

In addition, we organized a general meeting of the members on May 26, 2002.



We had a wonderful evening between friends with our St. Patrick’s Day event on March 16, 2002.  This evening enabled us to sell memberships and do some fund-raising, but also allowed us to get to know our Amirault cousins better and to discover the musical talents of our family.


We participated in the bazaar at the Festival Chez-Nous à Pombcoup, in August 2002.



We sold tickets on a model of a Cape Islander-style fishing boat that was donated by Avellin Amirault of Lower West Pubnico.  A draw was made during the Pubnico Festival by Philip d’Eon and the winner was Jacinda Williams of West Pubnico.   We now have tickets for sale on a wooden bench donated by Troy Amirault.   The draw is planned for November 10, 2002 in West Pubnico at the Christmas Craft Show.


We have received $1000 from the Société Acadie Nouvelle-Écosse 2004.  This amount is given to associations that are organizing family reunions and which have been registered as non-profit societies.



As of September 25, we have 119 members.  The majority (102) comes from Nova Scotia, but we have members from Ontario (4), British Columbia (2) and United States (11).



In March, we launched our Web site and our logo. It was necessary to change the letters of the logo to capital letters when we ordered our souvenir items in August.



In August, we started to sell our souvenir items – T-shirts, mugs, magnets, window decals, clocks, and lawn signs. Today, we also have our beautiful lapel pins and Amirault nametags.


We already received requests for items from Montana and England.



During the year, your directors took part in several workshops and meetings

- Annual meeting of the Société Acadie Nouvelle-Écosse 2004, November 17, 2001


Workshops in 2002

-         April 27, Tusket, workshops (genealogy, publicity, housing, etc.)

-         May 23, Yarmouth, lodging

-         June 13, visit of people from Louisiana in West Pubnico

-         September 15, fashion show, table with merchandise to sell

-         September 28, workshops (recruiting members, photographer, mass, souvenirs, member tracking, taxes)



We have had success with our publicity.


Our Web site at www.accesswave.ca/~amirault2004  is updated and the search engines of the Internet find our website when you search for "amirault 2004" .


In Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse, we have had free publicity:

-         Page 1, photo of Norma Amirault with our first t-shirt, and a report our St. Patrick`s Day event.

-         Photo of Kathy Bourque, her father and son, and the lawn signs, page 1 and inside.

-         Photo and report of the draw for the model boat.

-         Photograph of our new logo and announcement of our annual meeting

-         Announcement of meetings


Chronicle-Herald   -         Letter in "Lost & Found"


The Vanguard  -        Announcement of meetings


We have links to our Web site on the following Web sites:

-         www.tusket.com

-         www.cma2004.com

-    www.worldacadiancongress.com



 I would like to publicly thank Cyrille LeBlanc who is employed by the Comité des Retrouvailles au Comté de Yarmouth.  Cyrille and the other employees help the families who are planning reunions in 2004 by:

-         Organizing various workshops

-         Helping with publicity and the sharing of information on organizing a family reunion

-         Representing the families at events like the Acadian Day at Grand Pré, July 21, 2002 and at the Grou Tyme in Halifax on September 21, 2002

-         Sending letters to the media

-         Sending emails about the Reunion

-         Coordinating the purchase of souvenirs such as the lawn signs



 We established committees and assigned a director to each committee:

-         Food & Lodging - Mia White

-         Publicity - Ina Amirault

-         Program - Shirley d.Entremont, who is also vice-president

-         Genealogy - Evelyn Shand

-         Finances - Odette Amirault, who is also treasurer

-         Membership - Kathy Bourque, who is also secretary

 The other directors Troy Amirault, Berthe Amirault, Jean Doucette and Carol Moulaison also made significant contributions during the year, and I thank them all.


I also thank you, the members of our family, for your support.   Each one of you can make a contribution to the success of our reunion in 2004.   Encourage your neighbours and cousins to become members, support our activities, and buy our souvenirs.


A big thank you from Grou Neil – Un grou merci de Grou Neil.


Neil Amirault, President


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