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Annual Meeting, Sept. 14, 2003 - Les Descendants de François Amirault - Président’s report

How time flies!  The countdown for the final 12 months before the Congrès mondial acadien has begun.  We still have lots of work to do, but I would like to tell you what we’ve been up to in the past year.


We’ve had 3 directors’ meetings since last September (November, February, June) and hundreds of email messages were sent back and forth during the year.

We have also had 2 joint meetings with the directors of the d’Entremont family in order to share information and coordinate some activities (May 13 and June 10).

We had one general meeting in Digby County in Meteghan on March 2.  There were about 20 people in attendance and we also had Mildred Comeau, coordinator with the Congrès mondial acadien for the south-west section of the province.


In November, we participated in the Christmas craft show and sale in West Pubnico.

On March 15, we held our second annual Saint Patrick’s Day party.  About 100 people joined in the celebration and danced to the music of Vic (Amirault) and the Boys, as well as music from local musicians Julien d’Eon, Louie Amiro and Carl Amirault.  They deserve our thanks.  This evening allowed us to collect a profit of $672.

On July 20, we participated in the Acadian festival « Chez-nous à Pombcoup » in West Pubnico.  Our beautiful float in the commercial parade won us a « first prize » trophy.   The float’s theme was  « La mer, la terre et la foi » (translation – The Sea, the Land, and Faith).  Thank you to the children who were on the float:

-         Philippe, son of Louis-Robert et Odette Amirault who was captaine of the sailboat.

-         Gabriel, son of Kathy (Amirault) et Gilles Bourque who was the priest in front of the old façade of the East Pubnico church.

-         Lucas et Austin, sons of Troy et Sheila Amirault, who sat by the river and the ocean and were fishing with hand-lines.

-         Christie, daughter of Elmer and Joy Amiro, sitting by the Hipson’s Brook Bridge.

 We also had a booth at the bazaar where we sold memberships, merchandise, tickets on the stained glass hanging, and 130 bags of popcorn.


 We sold tickets for draws on two items this year.

The first was on a wooden bench, made and donated by director Troy Amirault.  The draw date was December 16 at the East Pubnico Community Centre.  The winner was Kevin Cook of West Pubnico.

The second was for a stained glass hanging of our association’s logo, made by our director Maureen Nickerson.  The draw date was July 20 in West Pubnico and the winner was Lissa Arsenault of Weymouth.


We undertook a few new projects for increasing our membership.

-         We sent letters to newspapers across Canada.

-         Ferd Mireault, coordinator of the DNA project, sent about 50 letters to select contacts.  We will pay him a dollar for each new single membership and two dollars for each family membership generated through his letters.

-         We issued a joint press release with the d’Entremont family to increase local memberships.

As of August 15, we had 210 members.  Here is the geographic distribution:

Nova Scotia (154), Ontario (10), British Columbia (3), Prince Edward Island (3), Quebec (3),

Manitoba (2), United States (27), and England (8).



During the year, we continued to sell our promotional items.  We thank Roseline Amirault who is selling our merchandise in her restaurant Gwen’s Diner in East Pubnico.  We currently have for sale:

          With logo - T-shirts, mugs, magnets, clocks

          With the family name – Lapel pins, name tags, lawn signs, front license plates.


During the year, your directors attended various workshops and activities such as an information session with Danielle LeBlanc of the CMA2004 in West Pubnico, an information session on accommodations in Tusket, and an information table on the family reunions held at the Canadian Tire in Yarmouth.



Your president participated in the DNA project.  The results from the 7 North American test subjects which includes Amirault, Amero, Mireault and Mero surnames show that we are all related.  These 7 are descendants of François Amirault’s sons, either Joseph or Jacques. 

The first 2 Amiraults from France who participated are not exact genetic matches to us and not even to each other.  There is definitely more work to do before discovering genetic cousins of François Amirault in France. 


We continue to promote our association and our family reunion.   Our website at www.accesswave.ca/~amirault2004  is often updated and contains minutes of our general meetings and links for visitors and amateur genealogists.  By the end of September, we will have information on 4 generations of Amiraults on the website.

We published two newsletters this year, one in March and one in September.

Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse continues to support us by announcing our meetings and events, and publishing our press releases.   This year they ran articles about our Saint Patrick’s Day party, our DNA research, our joint press release with the d’Entremont family, and a picture of our parade float.

The Yarmouth Vanguard also supports us by running our meeting and event announcements.  They published our press releases, including a big picture of your president with our DNA story with a big picture.

Valérie Beauquier of l’Acadie c’matin on Radio-Canada, the French CBC radio station, did an interview with Ina Amirault about our DNA project in the spring.

Our meetings are also announced in the parish bulletins in the region.



 We have to thank Cyrille LeBlanc again this year.  Cyrille works for a local committee created to help in the organizing of the family reunions in Yarmouth County.  Cyrille and this committee help us by organizing various workshops, helping with publicity, sharing information about family reunions and representing the families at activities like an information day in Moncton.


We were pleased to receive help from volunteers during the year.  A number helped at our Saint Patrick`s Day party and a number helped during the festival in Pubnico.  Thank you to everyone who gave some of their precious time to help.



Your directors also gave a lot of their time during the past year.   We work well together and we are excited that the Congrès mondial acadien is approaching. 

All of your directors are continuing for another year: Shirley d’Entremont (vice-president and program), Kathy Bourque (secretary and membership), Odette Amirault (tresorer), Ina Amirault (publicity et website), Evelyn Shand (genealogy), Berthe Amirault, Troy Amirault, Maureen Nickerson, Justin Amiro and Marlene Goreham.  I personally thank them all for their contribution.  I will be continuing as president as well.

Finally, I would like to thank each and every one of you, the members of our family. Your support of our activities in the past year was enormously appreciated.  I expect we can count on your continued support from today till our family reunion August 8, 2004.

Neil Amirault, president  

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