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President's Report 2006


Les Descendants de François Amirault            

President’s Report, presented at Final Meeting, March 31, 2006




People came from New England, California, Oklahoma, Yukon, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and elsewhere. There were people with the last name Amirault, Amero, and Amiro of course, but there were also people names Mireault, Amireault, Mero, Emero, and others.

·         750 people were registered for our activities on Sunday, August 8

·         118 people played in our golf tournament of golf organized in collaboration with the d’Entremont/d'Eon family, on Friday, August 6. 

·         250 people attended the dance with music by the Acadian group Beau Phare, organized in collaboration with the Tall Ships Committee and the Association des Retrouvailles Cap Sable, on Saturday, August 7. 

·         Our membership grew from 210 to 812 members during the final year, from 2003 to 2004.


Our family reunion contributed to the overall success of the Congrès mondial acadien 2004 and to a renewal of the Acadian spirit in our community and our family.

·         We validated Acadian talents of our local artists:

o        21 Acadian craftspeople or artisans were present at our craft fair. 

o        About fifteen Acadian musicians and a troop of Acadian dancers entertained on Sunday.

o        An Acadian band played at the dance Saturday night.

·         We provided activities for the children (crafts and entertainment)

·         We highlighted the Importance of our history with our genealogy workshop.

·         We had a sports activity

·         We promoted traditional food and local food production industries.

·         We allowed the renewal of the family bonds with the visitors and

·         We profited from the partnerships with other community group and private companies.




In November 2003, we took part in the Christmas craft and gift show West Pubnico.  We prepared and sold jars of cookie mix and our other promotional merchandise.


On March 13, 2004, we celebrated the Mi-Carême (mid-Lent) with a party in East Pubnico.  Approximately 125 people attended, many dressed up in Mi-Carême costumes.  

·         The entertainment for the evening included a live-broadcast by Radio CIFA and their Saturday evening  “Let the good times roll” (Laisse le bon temps rouler) show with announcers Ambroise Comeau and Dave LeBlanc, Victor Amirault and his group "Vic and the Boys" , and local musicians Louis Amiro, Carl Amirault, Julien d' Eon and Normand d’Entremont.

·         Prizes for the best costumes went to Marlene Smith and Gilles Bourque. 

·         A profit of $513 was made with this event. 


We sold tickets on a couple of items to raise funds. 

·         A crêche (nativity scene) made and donated by Carol Comeau de Meteghan - won by Dawn Amirault.

·         A painting of a lighthouse donated by Esther LeBlanc.



The final membership count is 812 individuals.  750 members took part in our meeting.  The origins of the members are:  Nova Scotia (64%), the United States (13%), Ontario (9%), Quebec (7%), New Brunswick (3%), Western Canada (2%), PEI (1%), and England (1%). 



During the year, we continued to sell our promotional items.  We thank Roseline Amirault who displayed and sold our items at Gwen's Diner in East Pubnico.    We still have a few items left, mainly the lapel pins.



During the year, our directors took part in various workshops and information sessions such as a workshop on the preparation of food.



 Ferd Mireault from Windsor, Ontario, coordinator of the project, presented an information session on the DNA research during the family reunion. A hundred people attended the presentation which showed:

·         7 North American men and 8 men in France who have the Amirault family name or a variation supplied their ADN for study. 

·         All the subjects in North America, descendants of Jacques or Joseph, sons of Francois, have the same "haplotype", a score of 12 markers of the Y chromosome, and are scientifically proven descendant of the same man. 

·         All the subjects in France do not have the same haplotype as those in North America, and therefore are not related.  In certain cases, the French are not related one to another - indeed, there are 6 different haplotypes in the 8 candidates tested. 

·         A more detailed test of 25 markers was carried out on a subject from Canada and a subject from France - this confirms that these two men are not genetic cousins. 


Since August 2004, the DNA from two more men from France was tested and there are now 8 different haplotypes amongst 10 subjects and we are no closer in identifying a bond between the Amiraults of North American and the Amiraults in France.  So far, the project has not been able to confirm the identity of François Amirault’s parents but the research will continue, according to Ferd.



We published a bulletin during the summer 2004 which was distributed by Fundy Cuises and this final report will be sent to members.

·         The Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse continued to support us by announcing our meetings and our events. 

·         The Vanguard also ran announcements of our meetings in their Community News section.

·         Radio CIFA broadcasted a live program during our Mi-Carême (Mid-Lent) party in March 2004 and did an interview with Kathy Bourque.

·         Valerie Beauquier of Acadie c’matin, Radio Canada, did an interview with Ina Amirault on the DNA project in the spring of 2004.  Interviews with Ina also ran on a community radio station in New Brunswick and on “Anne et compagnie” on Radio-Canada in February 2004. 

·         Natalie Bétoté-Aqwa of Radio-Canada did an interview with Ina about the DNA project after our family reunion. 

·         The Chronicle Herald ran a story on our DNA as well during the first week of August 2004. 


Our website at www.accesswave.ca/~amirault2004 is still active and contains meeting reports and links for visitors and amateur genealogists.    We still get emails from time to time from Amiraults around the world.


The book “Acadian Homecoming” written by Clive Doucet and published by Nimbus contains an article on our reunion as submitted by Ina Amirault.



Our reunion would not have been so successful without the partnerships of the following groups:



The rental of the tent, the purchase of chairs and tables, the portable toilets, and general insurance were possible thanks to the Retrouvailles Cap Sable organization.  I would like to thank the president of the committee, Betty Ann d’Eon, and the employees Cyrille LeBlanc, Carol Ann LeBlanc, Renette Robichaud and the young people who helped during the day of the reunion. 



Another extremely important partner was the association of Descendants de Philippe Mius d' Entremont.  By working with their president, Jean-Bernard d' Entremont and their team, we profited from their number of volunteers, their decorations, and their talents. 



We would like to thank all these associations for accommodating us during the reunion in the Centre of Pombcoup community centre. 



Thank you to Pauline d'Entremont and Bernice d'Eon for their assistance in research and for the use of the museum as a meeting place. 



Thank you to the president Roger d’Entremont and the staff of the Golf Club for their help and accommodation.


·         COASTAL CREDIT UNION for their significant financial support. 


·          VOLUNTEERS

We thank the volunteers who helped us during our reunion or our other activities; the musicians who shared their talents without pay and the people who gave a helpful hand here and there.


·         DIRECTORS

I couldn’t end without thanking the directors who worked so hard during the year leading up to our family reunion.  We had at least 10 meetings of the entire committee and many other meetings with smaller groups to work on specific projects.

·         Shirley d' Entremont, vice-president, responsible for the overall program, the golf tournament, decorations, the wine-and-cheese reception, and for details relating to the musicians

·         Kathy Bourque, secretary, responsible for all the details relating to members (membership cars, mailouts, address database), merchandise, the mass in East Pubnico

·         Odette Amirault, treasurer, responsible for the bank account, deposits, payments of invoices, and financial statements. 

·         Ina Amirault, responsible for publicity, media releases, the website, newsletters, and final reports 

·         Evelyn Shand, Maureen Nickerson, Marlene Goreham, responsible for research and the genealogy

·         Berthe Amirault, responsible for the taking care of the needs of the entertainers and our contact in Clare.

·         Troy Amirault, responsible for liaising with the firemen, posters, and logistics.

·         and Justin Amiro, responsible for the children’s activities. 


·         OUR MEMBERS

Finally, I also thank you, the members of our family.  I hope that you had fun at the reunion and that those members who live far away will come back again soon.



The next CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN in 2009 will take place in the Acadian peninsula, in north-eastern New Brunswick. 


You can register to receive information by visiting their website at http://www.cma2009.ca or by contacting the organizers by telephone (506) 336-2009, by fax (506) 336-2002, email  info@cma2009.ca , or by mail at Congrès mondial acadian 2009, 218 J-D. Gauthier Boulevard, Office 128, Shippagan (New Brunswick), Canada, E8S 1P6.  We hope that there will be a meeting for the Amirault family, but the families are not named yet on the website.


Since September 2001, I have enjoyed being president of this association.  It gave me the chance to get to know all of you better and to prove that Amiraults can move when necessary.


It took a lot of work but it was worth it.   Again, I thank you all. 


Neil Amirault, President - March 31, 2006


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