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John McKenzie

97 Chandler Drive
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
B4C 3C6

Career Goal: I.T. position (web site management, instructing, multimedia authoring, sales, technical/user support)

Computer Related Knowledge/Experience










Relevant Work History

Graphic Designer, Calgary Stampede Wrestling, 6 months and continuing

Customer Service, Microplay Video Game Stores #107, 1.5 years

Webmaster, C.F.B. Shearwater, 1 year

Front Desk/Inside Sales, Atlantis Kobetek Inc., 5 months

Graphic Design, Consulting, Homeworks Integrated Systems, 5 months

Consultant, Web Designer, Cybertime Computing Centre, 3 months

Consultant, Writer, Atlantic Animation, 1 month

Multimedia Author, Animator, Digital Image F/X, 4 months

Graphics Creation, Stock's Eye, 1 year


Graduated from Sackville High School in 1989 on the principal's list.

Attended Dalhousie University from 1989-1994 and took class in subjects including geology, physics, chemistry, Latin, astronomy, political science, and women's studies.


Alias Research Level 1 Training Course, Alias|Wavefront.

Non-Linear Editing Course, Colchester Campus , Nova Scotia Community College.

Download my résumé as a Word Document. Other formats available upon request.