On March 21/06 Deborah Nowlan retired from Capital Health, Queen Elizabeth 11,

Health Sciences Center, as Manager, Central Distribution Food and Nutrition Services.

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The caricature of Debby was created by Bill MacDonald, Manager of Engineering Services at QEII and presented to her at a dinner with Veteran Services Management Team on Monday March 20.


The following pictures were taken at Debby's reception at the Camp Hill site.

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 The Food and Nutrition Services Management Team hosted a dinner for Debby and Kirby at MacKaskill's on Dartmouth's waterfront on Tuesday evening, March 21.

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Debby's gifts and cards.

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Veteran Services Management Team toasted (in  fun of course!) Debby's professional standards for food safety and inventory control..... yes, they all wore hair-coverings and gloves in the restaurant!

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