1950-1954: Leonard P. Carrigan moved his drafting service, out of his home and into offices at 34 Dundas Street.

1958-1966: Mr. Carrigan relocated his offices to 124 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth and              continued to offer the very best quality drafting/design and blueprinting

services. LP Carrigan was the first in Nova Scotia to offer a brand new format (now called the ‘Clean Format’).


Over the years, Mr. Carrigan has been involved in subdivision, real estate and residential home construction, owned and operated the Metro CB Club, member of the Carpenter’s Union, Order Of Free Masons, the Better Business Bureau and professionally received numerous Certificates Of Appreciation.


1984: Mr. Carrigan’s son, Kirk J. Carrigan, joined the firm to help continue the strong tradition of offering quality drafting/design consulting, eventually becoming CEO of the firm in 1992.


KJ Carrigan’s arrival during the housing boom of the mid-80s, allowed for many of the innovative styles and aesthetics that presently ear-mark nearly all subdivisions throughout Metro.  His creative ability and knowledge, contributed the unique mixture of practicality of house design and client’s needs, continues to bring new designs to the marketplace.


September 1991:  LP Carrigan Limited was honored by the Public Archives Of Nova Scotia for outstanding work and contributions to the people of the province of  Nova Scotia.

July 1992:         LP Carrigan Limited joined as a member of the Metropolitan Halifax Chamber Of Commerce.

July 1996: Leonard Carrigan passed away at the age of 76. 

September 1996:    KJ Carrigan assumed the position of President Of LP Carrigan Limited and LP Carrigan Reproductions.

February 1997: KJ Carrigan renamed LP Carrigan Reproductions to LP Carrigan Home Plans and introduced many changes to aid our clients even further.  Work began on our own Catalogue Of Favourite Home Plans (office version only).

August 1999:     The introduction of the CD-ROM version of LPC Catalogue of Favorite Home Plans and Resource Guide.  This is the future of Home Plan Catalogues.  Unlike paper-versions, which are typically updated every 5 to 6 years (making many of the plans contained in them out-of-date) - the CD-ROM version is updated yearly.  Thus making sure our clients have the very latest in home plan designs, plus the latest information on house construction and independent evaluation reports on new and existing products plus much more.

February 2000: LPC Web Site was uploaded to server.  This information web site offers information guides, tips, links to Building Supplier’s Web Sites, New Product Information, Independent evaluation reports, contact information to builders, plus much more.

May 2000: National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives & Professionals includes Kirk J. Carrigan, President of LP Carrigan Limited in its 2001-2002 Edition. The intent of National Register’s Who’s Who is to notify all who read this announcement that the individual named above has reached a level of recognizable success in their respective fields.  The 2001-2002 Edition will be registered at the Library Of Congress in Washington, D.C. .

June 2000: The LPC Web site expanded to include brand new designs that were not available to be included in LPC Catalogue 2.0 Professional Edition.  New designs will be added as they become available until LPC 3.0 Professional Edition is released Summer 2001.

June 2000: LP Carrigan Limited donated 10 sets of construction working drawings for Habitat For Humanity (Halifax-Dartmouth) “Build 2000“ for a home to be built August 1-14, 2000.  This was to become a established partnership  supplying plans every 2 years as needed.

July 2000: Official LPC Web Site has been listed on The Canadian, Eh? - Web  Directory as a certified Canada's BEST Family Safe Web Site.

October 2000:   Nova News Net (a web-publication of University of Kings College) released

their news report in reference to a past-project, of LP Carrigan Limited, of a Cottage designed as a Lighthouse.  To read this article CLICK HERE.

October 2000:   Work has been completed on a complete subdivision of homes to be built in Germany.  This means that another country has been added to the growing lists of international home designs by LP Carrigan Limited.

October 2001:   LP Carrigan Limited/Home Plans web sites has been added to Nova Scotia Online search engine.  See Independent Reports section for the link to their web page.

May 2002:  LP Carrigan Limited introduced a new plan category featuring selected home plans available as both “right-reading” and “mirror-reverse”.  Just like the logo to the left, these plans may be reversed while all lettering on the plan remains “right-reading” - as the text you’re reading.

July 2002:         LP Carrigan Limited donated 10 sets of construction working drawings for Habitat For Humanity (Halifax-Dartmouth) “Build 2002”.

September 2002: The LPC Catalog Of Favorite Home Plans CD-ROM 2003 is released.

January 2003:   LP Carrigan Limited begins their extensive redesign of the 2004 CD-ROM e-book.  A complete overhaul from plan designs to information guides to a much improved presentation—allowing clients to view sample plans with no need of scrolling.

March 2003:      LP Carrigan Limited web site hits a new high-mark with our 35,000 hit.

July 2003:  Finalized changes to the 2004 E-Book are made making this year’s catalog the most exciting year—not only being completely rebuilt from the ground up  - but with major addition of additional house plan categories   -  expected release in September 2003.  This Catalogue is no longer available

August 2003: Major change has been made in our online catalog version in anticipation of the release of the 2004 e-book catalog—mostly in order to bring both in sync with each other.

October 2003: Release of the LPC Catalog Of Favorite Home Plans 2004 E-Book.  One of the main additions in the categories is a new section of ‘Slab-On-Grade’ designs. 

January 2004: Major push to develop a new selection of “Mirror-Reverse” Home plans is finally phased in—allow our clients and customers even more value for their $$$.  While this doesn't mean every plan is available—new “in-house” designs will now be done both ways. 

September 2004: A brand-new selection of house plans are developed—known as a  carriage house.  Carriage houses are based on yesteryear designs  and make a great detached in-law suite or apartment.

February 2005: The update for the LPC Website information portion” has been completed.  The site has been totally revamped while continuing to add even more information and guides to visitors of this site.  The info guide “How to Read Floor Plans & Blueprints” has been totally replaced with the “LPC Insider Design Checklist”.   The next phase of the update will begin to tie in the online catalog edition and major updating of the sample plans offered on the online catalog.

2006-2008: A hectic time of many new award-winning designs in residential and lite commercial industry. 

Jan 15, 2009: Big change for LP Carrigan Limited with our moving from our office location of almost 40 years to our new location in Cole Harbour, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  This is scheduled for Jan 15th and will interrupt our services by about 2 weeks—then it carry on with business and satisfying our clients proposals with the same dedication and professionalism while keeping our passion to “do it right the first time”.