The Concise Dictionary Of  Construction

By Frederic H. Jones, Ph.D. 

A complete dictionary of Construction terms, meaning of obscure words including the complete language of the profession.  Never be confused by the terms use by your builder.


Do It Yourself Housebuilding by George Nash

This book tells would-be house builders everything, from design issues all the way to making sure the cabinet doors latch. The book is full of technical details about how to do anything related to building a house. Mr. Nash's book presents alternatives to everything in such a way that the reader is able to make very educated decisions about construction. The level of detail is comprehensive, but not overwhelming. Anyone who wants to build a house needs to read this book.

Dwelling House Construction by Albert G.H. Dietz

A revision of a classic which has been in print since 1948. It covers every aspect of home construction and is filled with clear and accurate illustrations. This new edition has been revised to include the many changes in materials and building technologies that have occurred over the past decade.


The Well-Built House by Jim Locke

This is the essential book for anyone who is considering building or buying a new house or remodeling an old one--an insider's guide to construction, written by a professional contractor. Many readers will remember Jim Locke as the contractor in Tracy Kidder's best selling book House, in which he epitomized the values of the true craftsman.


The Home Building Process by Rich Binsacca

This books strength lies in the way it is laid out. The chapters are laid out in the exact order in which a home is built.  The book is organized from the prospective of a purchaser of a new home and what they should expect. The chapters are organized like a timeline as a home is completed.

Details about individual steps are kept to a minimum, which for the purpose of this book is good. This is an ideal purchase for somebody who has, or is about to purchase a new home prior to it being built.


Reading Architectural Working Drawings:

Residential and Light Construction

by Philip A. Grau, Edward John Muller.

An introduction to architecture and civil technology and allowing you to  interpret the information found in construction documents, including working drawings and specifications. Presents the basics of architectural graphics, reading symbols, conventions, terms of the trade, and reading residential and other light-frame construction drawings. Provides a complete set of documents for an example house.  Updated to incorporate new computer software and hardware, the role of the Internet in design and construction, and the latest specifications standards and practice.