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I have over 13 years experience in grooming pets & show dogs, specializing in Shetland Sheepdogs, Collies and Golden Retrievers. We will be open by appointment Monday to Friday through the day or clients can make arrangements to have grooming done on some evenings and weekends.
(includes bathing, nails & ear cleaning)

Sheltie trim only
Nails only
Bath & brush only

Sheltie and Collie ear training & gluing.

Outdoor Dogs are warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer with clean, unmatted coats.  Groomed dogs are often healthier and more comfortable, as a groomer can often alert pet owners of overlooked conditions that require a veterinarian.  Unkempt matted dogs can have open sores under pulling mats or hold moisture that creates diaper rash, fungal infections or worse.  These areas are prone to unhealthy, undesirable conditions.  For example, flies can lay eggs on the surface of the matt that soon become maggots on these sores underneath. Dogs unable to reach areas bothering them often chew themselves in other areas, sometimes to the bone with their frustration.

We offer expert and individual care for your dog

Gentle handling, reasonable prices, quality grooming, clean facilities
Owned and operated by Sharon Foley



* Bring your dog in on a regular basis
* Have your dog's nails trimmed at least every 6 weeks
* Communicate your wishes clearly to your groomer to avoid misunderstandings
* Inform your groomer of any medical conditions your dog may have
* Make sure your dog relieves himself prior to his grooming appointment


* Bath your dog between grooming unless you are sure all the tangles are brushed out first
* Use human shampoo or detergents on your dog
* Expect your groomer to be able to leave much hair on a dog that comes in matted
* Forget to inform your groomer of any sensitive areas that your dog may have
* Forget to brush your dog between professional groomings
* Bring your dog in wet and expect your groomer to be able to start grooming
before your dog has been fully dried.