The Voice of Reason

This is Graham, aka Gramie Dee and he's my husband. He's a musician and artist among all his other talents and he writes songs for me for Christmas! You need javascript enabled, and you might have to tell IE to accept it. Then, just click on each song to hear it.


"The Voice of Reason" is my nickname on the web, shortened to TVOR (I pronounce it "Tee-vor").

A few of my friends who approach life with an enthusiastic attitude started calling me that because I tend to have a much steadier and even-handed approach to life, most of the time. They say I'm their anchor, their "Voice of Reason" when they need one. They are my "kick in the seat" when I need one.

I am a computer programmer and have officially hit middle age. I work for the Halifax Regional Municipality in Halifax, Nova Scotia (which is a little province off the east coast of Canada). My family and friends are the most important things to me and there's nothing i like better than spending time with them. When my dad died in 2006, I did a eulogy for him. Here's what I said, it will give you a pretty good idea of what he was like.

My other passions are photography, travelling, reading and Coronation Street, which are the main focuses of this website.


Social Media

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I'm on Facebook but only accept friend notices from people I know (and I don't play Facebook games or poke anything or anyone).
I've started posting photos occasionally on Instagram. Instagram
And then there's Pinterest. I don't pin frequently but it's a good place to save stuff!


I've got a Wordpress Travel blog that has some travelogues, travel photos and other bits of interest relating to travel including movies and books.

Blogs and Coronation Street

I have a personal blog on Dreamwidth which is new and an old one on Livejournal which I don't post to anymore but will leave there for ahwile. . Rantings, ravings, everyday comings and goings, occasional movie reviews... it's all there.

I started a blog for my voracious reading hobby with reviews of most books I read and other related bookish things, so have a look at Reader at Large.

I write for and am co-editor of The Coronation Street Blog (following Coronation Street in the UK timeline with spoilers). I keep a "sister" blog, Bluenose Corrie Blogger which follows the Canadian timeline without spoilers and I have my own personal one for the UK timeline called State of the Street which I update now and then.

Brier Island, Nova Scotia

Coronation Street

Coronation Street is a British drama serial that has been on the air continually since December, 1960 and it's my favourite television show ever. It's brought me not only entertainment, but good friends, access to some of the actors and a fiance. On my Coronation Street page, you'll find links to reviews of all the Corrie celebrity event evenings that the Downeast Streeters fan group has hosted here in Halifax. There are links to the various photo albums for each time I've been lucky to be on the Coronation Street set in Manchester. There are ping adventures and more information and links about Corrie. Click the green button above to see my Coronation Street page


I love to travel and one of the reasons I started a website was so that I would have a place for my travelogues and links to photo albums from the trips. Mainly, my travels have been throughout Canada and parts of Europe, especially since Graham lives in the Manchester area and we can get cheap flights from there or hire a car for a road trip or two or three. I went to Europe for the first time in 1977 on a school trip and though I didn't have the opportunity for years afterward, always yearned to travel and see new places and things. In 1993 I set off on a bus tour around the U. K. I've been lucky to be able to travel to lots of places since then, but there are still a lot yet to be experienced. Click the green button above to find links to travel photos and travelogues. Click the buttons below for useful travel links.

my travel blog

Other stuff


I started taking photos in my teens with a Polaroid camera. I never looked back. I love to take pictures, especially when I travel. I shoot scenery, architecture, cityscapes, and all the little details I see along the way. My photos are the most important souvenirs of my travels. I keep my favourite photos on Flickr and detailed albums on Shutterfly

My Flickr Photostream, or for Collections of sets or a full list of sets (albums). And here's a COMPLETE list of Photo albums, most of which are hosted on Shutterfly with some on Flickr.

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I love to read and I usually have several books on the go at any given time. I read a lot of different types of fiction and I like history, especially history about the United Kingdom. Favourite authors include Diana Gabaldon, Jo Nesbo, Debora Geary among others. There's a neat site called Goodreads which is a great place to catalogue what you've been reading, find reader reviews, discover new books and authors and maybe even win free books. Goodreads also has groups you can join to discuss your favourites with other like minded readers. My favourite group is CanadianContent which focusses on Canadian authors. Here's my profile on Goodreads. Librarything is similar and you can also enter a sort of book lottery and win preview copies of books in exchange for a review there as well.

These days I mainly read electronic books though still get through a few paper ones as well. I use a Kobo eReader for the flexibility in formats but I also have a Kindle app on my phone because some books are only released in that format. An eReader is better than reading on a tablet because you don't have the shiny glass screen that makes it impossible to read in the sunshine! I keep a blog for my reviews and other things related to books and reading on Reader at Large.

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