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Travelogues and Photo links

I love to travel and I love to take pictures and I love to write about my adventures. This page focuses on my travelogues and travel photography. Each travelogue has small pictures and a link to the related photo album. All the photo albums are listed just above the travelogues section on this page in case you want to just look at the photos. Most of these albums are stored offsite at either Shutterfly or Flickr. I have assembled most of my travel related links on separate pages since there are so many of them!

Wish List

Future destination "wish" list includes Portugal, Austria, New Zealand, Japan, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Alaska, Greece and the Greek islands.

Travel 2017

We are booked for our belated honeymoon and will be traveling to Victoria and Vancouver, BC, and Hawaii (Oahu) in November. We are visiting family and friends for some of the holiday, and exploring the city of Vancouver and maybe a bit of Vancouver Island possibly. The Hawaii package will give us 5 nights and most of four days there. In other travels, we have a guest from the UK arriving in September and have planned a few days away to Cape Breton to drive around the Cabot Trail, visit Lousibourg and maybe get a whale watching cruise in if the weather holds out. There will likely be a few more day trips with our guest as well. We have no plans for next year yet but it might be soon time to go back to the UK and maybe fit it in with something else, perhaps Iceland? Scotland? Copenhagen? So many choices!